Our Personalised Fragrance Consulting offers an expert guided session and interactive discussion process in the selection of your most elegant, personal „perfume-garderobe“. From the amazing universe of perfumes we explore raw materials, fragrance accords and parfums in order to choose the most charming and most effective fragrance for you. We consider both your personality and your natural skin scent as well as your lifestyle or the planned use of your fragrance ranging from a pleasant everyday-life perfume or a business event psychologic weapon to a narcotic dreamdate…
Perfumed Wedding Consulting Session first of all starts with choosing the most special, beautiful and unique fragrance for the Bride and Groom or any other participant of the ceremony. You may even order a personal novelty creation if we start the preparation in time – well, a few months before. Besides the scented invitation-, program-, menu- and sitting cards, all rooms of the ceremony, from the entrance to the church and even the cars may be personalised with the selected special fragrance ambiance for that Special Day. Not to forget the erotizing, „Amor and Psyché“ fragrance experience sprayed in the honeymoon suite! Finally, a scented souvenir can make your kind invited Guests all remember your Wedding even a 100 happy years later.
The scent of a home, workplace or reception tells stories about their owners and users. It is obvious to maintain the achieved luxury ambiance in that fine interior with the help of the best ambiance scents and interior fragrances. It is truly dissappointing to smell „cheap“ soap or laundry smell in a top bank, restaurant or hotel. In opposite, a well chosen fragrance can make one feel luxuriously home and pleasantly safe in your bank, or ready to follow the beach scent in a fine travel agency…
Upon your kind request we will visit your space of living/work to be fragranced in order to get to know its inner character, the rhythm of its everyday use, the air conditioning system and state of mind. On the basis of this special „fragrance map“ we create the relevant Ambiance Fragrance Conception and suggest solutions considering your fragrance preferences and aims. In creating this uniue milieu we use high-end fragrance diffusing equipment, luxury candles and room sprays and open to personalised interior fragrance creation projects as well.
Alike us, you might also not prefer participating in the global plastic corporate gift turnover. Instead of „cute“ office equipments let us offer you a selection of the finest creative luxury products at moderate price levels. Chic perfumes or a scented candles of a niche brand will most probably cause not only a pleasant surprise, but a multiple esthetic experience to your most reputed clients and partners. We will be most glad to show you our limited edition creations, vintage harvests of expensive flowers, limited or custom made gift packagings, personalised fragrance holders, travel cases and interior luxury fragrance, not mentioning our special fragrant sevives. On your kind request we may comfort you with on-site presentation and consulting.
Would you like your event to be rememebered well in history and the participants‘ minds? We create scented entrances and interiors for your special celebration, private party or corporate event. Presentations, fragrant evenings, interactive product launches and trainings on different fragrant subjects in Hungarian, English or French. Courses to adults or even school classes with themes like: Natural and synthetic raw materials, The history of fragrances, The most important fragrance brands and famous perfumes, Introduction to perfume creation, Main fragrance families Fragrant quiz and games, Gourmand notes.
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