BRAND NAME: “zero molecole” because a perfume has no body, it just is. It does not exist when it is born, we create it with our heart, then with our mind and only at the end does this emotion become liquid and tangible. It is impossible to see, even when it is there. The word “molecole” also contains “Mole”, the name of Turin’s most important and extraordinary monument.

Stefania Marzufero Boni márkája Torino-ból, a híres Duomo kupolájával.


The scents of the island mixed with the hot aroma of black sand. Fragrant sea water and a touch of green from the Mediterranean. A fresh and cheerful blend, suitable for everyone. MEDITERRANEAN ALGAE, WILD ARTEMISIA, MINT, CITRUS, SEA MUSK AND LICHENS

100 ml EdP49,000 Ft
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