In 1856, the piano-maker Joachim Friedrich Schwarzlose opens the drugstore J.F. Schwarzlose Söhne for his children. Purveyor to the Royal Court to the Prussian and Austro-Hungarian courts. After the roaring Golden Twenties and two world wars, the business closes down in 1976. In 2012 it is reborn, combining old fine traditions with daring creativity and extravagance. The new perfume series are creations that reflect the Berlin of today, designed for connoisseurs, bon vivants and individuals and are thoroughly authentic, leaving the mainstream attitude far behind.
The latest "Altruist" is already in Le Parfum.

1A - 33

”1A-33“ is a re-interpretation of a Schwarzlose classic referring to the original car license plate of pre-war Berlin. Mandarine, Pink Pepper, “Spree” River Droplets Accord, Jasmine Sambac, Lime-tree Blossom, Magnolia, Cedarwood and Iris Powder.

J. F. Schwarzlose
1A - 33
50 ml EdP42,000 Ft
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