Mona di Orio

Mona di Orio was a classically trained perfumer having had the great honour, as a young girl, of working alongside the famous Edmond Roudnitska since 1987. Her fragrance house was founded in 2004 focusing on craft and quality and the glories of the golden age of prefumery in the 1920's and '30s.

Les Nombres d'Or Collection is a revisitation to some influential classics of perfumery searching for the perfect proportions.
Oud Osmanthus

Since the dawn of time oudh resin was reserved to Gods and Majesties.
Elemi Philippines, Calabria green Mandarin, petitgrain Paraguay, Patchouly Indonesia, Absolute Osmanthus China, Nagarmotha India, Atlas Cedar, fair trade Oudh essential oil from Laos EUR 18.000/kg, Musc, Amber Gris.

Mona di Orio
Oud Osmanthus
75 ml99,000 Ft
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