Le Parfum Atelier / Fragrance Workshops

Le Parfum Atelier / Fragrance Workshop are part of my mission for the reneissance of perfumery industry and the once beautiful cultural heritage in Hungary and the CEC. You are kindly invited for an ofactive session or a longer thematic course in English you are intersted in the hidden secrets of perfumery history, raw materials, brands, creation, psychology, research, sales, marketing and the artistic beauties of fragrances. More information / booking: personally in Le Parfum or (+36) 30 4700 248 or contact@leparfum.hu.

Parfum Workshop 4.

Fragrance Creation Workshop
Theme: First steps in a Perfumer's lab, tools, lab rules, suppliers, formules, analysis and synthesis finished with a mini-creation.

Parfum Workshop 4.
1,5 h Workshop39,000 Ft
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